Monday to Sunday
from 12:30 pm a 11:00 pm


    ISIDROS'S TOWER (to share), small tasting from our daily raw bar

    TRADITIONAL CEVICHE, catch of the day, tigger's milk, andean corn, sweet potato

    CEVICHE LIMEÑO, catch of the day, rocoto cream, crispy squid, brulee sweet potato, aniseed corn

    SCALLOP CEVICHE, scallops, octopus, shrimp, olive oil emulsion, veggies, lime sorbet, salmon roe

    NIKKEI CEVICHE, tuna, nikkei juices, yuzu, avocado, crystallized nori, cucumber chalaquita

    CATCH OF THE DAY " Tiradito", yellow chili cream, roasted avocado, cushuro, corn air bags

    SALMON TIRADITO, blown salmon, oriental emulsion, lemon, green onion, grilled chestnuts.

    SCALLOP "TIRADITO", sacha tomato milk, glazed sweet potato, organic tomatoes, chalaquita, lemon sorbet


    GAZPACHO, chilled roasted tomato soup, strawberries, cucumber hail

    MARITE'S SOUP,cold creamy avocado, jumbo shrimp, sour cream

    CAUSA, cold mashed potatoes, crab & shrimp, citric escabeche

    STUFFED AVOCADO, with smoked seafood, ginger cream, black maca, pickles

    OCTOPUS & OLIVE, olive oil emulsion, celery, black olives dust, pecans, togarashi, grilled country bread

    STEAK TARTARE, sides, fries

    POKE, tuna, quinoa, edamame, sesame seeds, nikkei juice

    BURRATA, arugula pesto, organic tomato, grilled tomato bread

    STEAK CARPACCIO, foie gras, arugula, grilled pears, manchego cheese, molle

    FISH TACOS (4 UNIDS), fish and seafood cracklings, lettuce tacos,"criolla of mango", aoilli spicy.

    GRILLED SCALLOPS, spicy goldenberry & pecan butter, leek

    ISIDRO "JALEA", lacquered ginger, sesame, green onions, pickled kiuri


    CAESAR SALAD, croutons, caesar dressing Grilled Chicken, Shrimp, Crayfish

    NICOISE SALAD, tuna tataki, capers, quail egg, greens, organic tomatoes

    QUINOA SALAD, avocado, tomatoes, radish, glazed carrot, goat cheese, mustard vinaigrette

    OCTOPUS & GIZZARD SALAD huzelnuts romesco, watercress, crispy potatoes, botija sand

    ROAST BEET, roasted beets, bruschetta, burrata, nuts chimichurri, black bread

    FISH SANDWICH, crispy catch of the day, tartara sauce, chili, criolla sauce, sweet potato fries

    ISIDRO BURGER, angus beef burger, brie cheese, caramelized onions, ranch onion, espresso bbq sauce, arugula, fries

    VEGAN BURGER, lentils and mushrooms patty, lettuce, tomate confit, avocado, yogurt dill cream, hummus, potato chips

    LOBSTER ROLL, lobster sandwich, shrimp pop corn, chips, brioche


    STICKY RICE , with crayfishs and gizzards, coral aioli

    "LOCHE" PUMPKIN RAVIOLI , grilled beets tartare, sage butter, pecans, goat cheese

    SHORTRIBS RAVIOLI , demi glace, glaced carrots, parmesan air

    THAI RISE, seafood thai rice, banana ashes, "chalaquita" of charapira chilli pepper.

    FUNGHI PORCINI RISOTTO , tomato confit, truffle oil

    FETUCCINI NERO, seafood, black pasta, crustacean bisque

    GRILLED SALMON , capers sauce, sauteed mushrooms, grilled avocado

    GRILLED TUNA, pistachio crust, veggie tempura, grilled avocado, citric sauce, ginger, wasabi, white fried rice

    CATCH OF THE DAY, roasted marrow butter, capers, leek, avocado, corn rice

    CATCH OF THE DAY, grilled shrimp, lentil, “chupe” juices

    MAGRET, lima beans, lucuma purée, elderberry sauce

    BEEF “SABANA”, breaded beef fillet, fettuccine with artisan pesto sauce, olive oil

    OSSOBUCCO, roasted bone marrow, gremolata. Choose your side dish (2)

    STEAK AU POIVRE, grilled steak, pepper sauce, grilled mushrooms, potato cake

    STEAK FRITES, herb butter, fries tenderloin or skirt

  • { LOCALS }

    PERUVIAN SHRIMP SOUP, chili, yellow potatoes, cheese, milk, corn, broad beans, rice, poached egg

    OCTOPUS & SCALLOPS "CAU CAU" rice with corn and spearmin

    ”ARROZ CON PATO”, duck confit, avocado "salsa criolla"

    ”AJÍ DE GALLINA”, shredded chicken breast, creamy yellow chili stew, potato au gratin, poached quail egg, black olives, nuts, white rice

    ”LOMO SALTADO”, french fries, fried egg, corn rice

    YOUNG GOAT , lima beans purée, cilantro pop rice


    WHOLE FISH S/MP, please ask your server for details

    CRISPY CHICKEN , confit & crispy, crepes, huancaina sauce, peruvian chili, fries

  • { SIDES }
    Fries, Mashed potatoes, Potato Cake, Grilled Asparragus , Baked Sweet Potato, Baked Potato, Mushrooms, Corn Rice, Fresh Salad
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(Español) Pollito crispy

(Español) Para compartir

(Español) Ceviche de conchas

(Español) Arroz con pato

(Español) Uni tiradito

(Español) Pesca del día

(Español) Pesca del día, camarones a la plancha, lentejitas estofadas, jugos de chupe

(Español) Ravioles de zapallo loche

(Español) Cau cau de pulpo y conchas

(Español) Roast beet salad

(Español) Conchas brasa

(Español) Isidro Burger